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The Rosharon Volunteer Fire Department began in the early 1940's with community members getting together with Brazoria County officials and acquiring the first fire apparatus for the community.  The all-volunteer group organized officially in 1956 and incorporated as a not-for-profit in 1986 as the Rosharon Volunteer Fire Department, Inc.  From the early 1940's through 2003 the Rosharon Volunteer Fire Department was entirely supported through fundraising events, private donations and a small contribution from Brazoria County.

In 2002, the generous taxpayers of our area approved the formation of the Brazoria County Emergency Services District #3, which provides fire and emergency medical services and some supplemental funding and equipment.  This led to the 2006 acquisition of new firefighting equipment for RVFD.  See more on our equipment page.

Since the beginning, the Rosharon Volunteer Fire Department has been operated by community members volunteering their time to serve & protect others.  As of today, the department has no paid staff members and is entirely operated by our generous community volunteers.  People from all walks of life give of themselves unselfishly to help protect & serve our community as well as the surrounding area.  New volunteers are always welcome in the Rosharon Volunteer Fire Department and there is always more to be done than fighting fire. We currently have members that along with volunteering have full time jobs, children, other volunteer obligations, pets, livestock, are taking college courses, or are high school students whom join as junior members and obtain high grades, complete homework assignments, & participate in sports. 

If you are currently saying to yourself "this is something I think I want to be a part of" or "I want to join but I don't know if I have time" then please take a look at our BECOME A MEMBER page and see what all options the Rosharon Volunteer Fire Department has to offer.

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