The Junior Firefighter program was established to offer students the opportunity to explore careers in the fire rescue service.  Through attendance at weekly meetings, students learn an introductory level knowledge of firefighting skills, tools, equipment, and fire science.  It is our goal that the program gives the students a better sense of responsibility and that he/she will be more accountable for their actions within their family and community.

Reasons to join

  1. Community service hours for high school graduation

  2. Resume builder for college and jobs

  3. Develop personal accountability and responsibility

  4. Prepare yourself for a career in firefighting


Membership requirements

  1. Must be at least 14 years of age

  2. Must fill out application

  3. Must have confirmation form signed by parent or guardian

  4. Must maintain a 70% (C) overall average in school and must be in good standing

  5. Must be physically able to participate in training activities


Juniors do not participate in any active firefighting, except for planned training under the supervision of a training officer or a line officer. 

Upon the age of 18, the junior member may be eligible to be an active firefighter for the RVFD.

If you would like to be a junior firefighter come by the station and ask for an application.